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Written by EricTenier
Tuesday, 11 November 2008 15:28


  Nijinski_saut  Nijinski … The last jump?
The nature of dance across ages and styles.

Sapiens ?

Wear and get rid of this overhomo Sapiens skin, standing upright like in the early stages, with such a heavy head already.
(cf : when you suffer from hernias, sciatics and the whole bunch of pains,  your spine always feels more comfortable lying down).
I have heard a palaeontologist say that our head was going to grow fatter and fatter …
I see us with our head, in the street, as acrobats that are trying to make a plate balance on the very end of a dry stick.
The cleverest, the crafty ones, the clumsy ones …
Improvisation starts, and dancers perform the first scene of the show.


Winter, February 2009
freiburg1   Latency
Sit on the would be works
Mix delicately the white of “nothing” with the juice of gloomy ideas
That you have first simmered to reduce them.
Then bake the mixture mildly in the oven
Keeping an eye on it.
As you can’t work out the cooking time,
Sit as comfortably as you can.

Miles’s Dream

Miles’s Dream, September 2005
I climbed on some sort of a desk to hang up a red curtain in front of the window.
Miles Davis is there.
He is old, casually dressed, in the European fashion : a crumpled suit jacket, a white tee-shirt, an old pair of trousers.
He is in good shape.
He offers me his back, as a toboggan to go down, as I do it for my own son.
We know that he is dead, which doesn’t prevent us from enjoying seeing each other.
Laughing and showing me a builder ruler on the ground, on the right,  he tells me :
“ The rule is there and you do improvise.
Don’t bother with it, it is lying there, it’s part of you.
You are utterly free.”
I cuddle his soft and quite rippled belly, it tickles him, he laughs like a kid.
We feel happy.
What a great teaching!

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