Artistic Buildings

Written by EricTenier
Thursday, 13 November 2008 23:21
Creation of friendly interactive objects with Christine Moreau (Zef) to drive the audience towards the pleasure of the sounds and movements interconnections.

Juke Box


An old set of the thirties equipped with a screen.

Two selection cutting wheels :
- one sound among 4
- one video among 4
16 possible combinations

The aim is to receive different images and sounds according to their associations.
The sounds and images data bases can be changed.
This play experience ~ coming directly from the Koulechof effect ~ once transposed during the sound montage has a certain educational interest to enhance the mutual influence of the sound and the image.

Ring with …


Working-out and creation : Suzanne COTTO and Christine Moreau



The movement of any red element is caught by a video camera and acts upon the speed and resonance variators that transform the sounds that the captors in the floor trigger.

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