The Laboratory


Followed by The Body Brain Storming: the bubbling of ideas

Aimed at any eager person looking for incongruous tracks that can lead to an unexpected imaginative source.

The laboratory proposes
 a research of the interactions between the body mobility (centre of gravity, weight, physical and energy laws), the improvised and imaginary movement to explore on oneself and with the others. 

The work consists in combining the subtle body mechanism with the thrilling joy of improvisation, going at the source of imagination, being on the track of new subtle and fruitful functions … and the other way around.

The approach used comes from a great amount of experiences in dance (classical dance, jazz dance, tap dancing, modern dance, post-modern dance, C.I …), energizing body practises (Yoga, Taï Chi, Qi Kong) and “bodywork” techniques : oestheopathy, BMC, fasciatherapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander…

Contact Improvisation Dance is a matter of weight, archaic, basic weight, shared weight. It gives immediate evidence of the precision of the gesture.

“It is a game between the forces at work and not a relationship in terms of a competition between forces, partners and elements.”

The Unrestrained Martial Art is a research on the body reactivity within the space between the real physical world (centre of gravity, momentum, energy) and the imaginary world. It is an expansion of the Contact Improvisation Dance work.

This work enables dancers to give flesh to the movement, improve its reflexes and its relation to the improvisation events, and make them feel greedy for new explorations, discoveries and inventions and make the most of the pleasure to dance too.

The Laboratory proposes “Instantaneous Compositions” to pour its discoveries towards the audience.

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